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How To Stay Positive In The Winter Months


A huge amount of the population suffers from seasonal depression — most of them between the ages between 18 and 30. And while significantly less people over the age of 30 suffer from this disorder, sometimes it can still be hard to stay positive in seasons when the skies are grey and the wind blows hard.

So here are 3 ways to stay healthy, happy, and positive in the winter months:

1. Spend lots of time with your loved ones

Although the weather gets colder, the good thing about the winter season is the abundance of holidays. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, there are plenty of opportunities to get out, be festive, and spend time with your loved ones. So this year, make sure you make an effort to keep old traditions going — but also to start some new ones.

2. Pick up a new indoor hobby

When it gets colder and wetter outside, it’s an important to pick up a hobby that you love to do that doesn’t require the outdoors. Maybe it’s something as easy picking up a new book, doing a crossword puzzle, or playing chess. During the times when it’s easy to be less active, it’s important to keep your mind and body active, doing things that bring you a lot of enjoyment. The ladies at Middlefield Oaks love crafting, so during the winter months, they love to make Christmas gifts and projects for their loved ones.

3. Always keep a warm drink nearby

Whether it’s coffee, tea, cider, or hot chocolate, sometimes the only thing you need to keep your spirits lifted is a warm mug of your favorite beverage. So curl up with the magic ingredients of a blanket, a book, and a drink, and you’ll find that anxiety and negativity leaving your body within minutes.

Do the winter months get you down? What tips do you use to stay positive in the winter months?