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Summers at Middlefield Oaks


June is almost coming to a close and you know what that means—summer is upon us! Summer is always an exciting time to be at Middlefield Oaks, especially when Oregon has been giving us the nice weather we’ve been able to enjoy these past few weeks!

We started out the month with our Relay for Life “Bingo Night” Fundraiser! This is such an important cause for many of our residents and their families. The fundraiser was a great success—half of the money that was brought in went directly to Relay for Life, while the other half was given out as prize money. We had door prizes, bingo, prizes, raffles, and popcorn—all part of a fun event for a great cause!

Frolicking in the Summer Sun

Our residents at Middlefield Oaks had a lot of opportunities to get out in the sun and feel the warmth of summer in this month. Earlier in June, we enjoyed a beautiful day out at Hendricks Park in Eugene. Hendricks Park is one of the oldest parks in Eugene and is located just less than a mile from the University of Oregon campus. It was great to see our residents getting to bask in the sun and enjoy the beautiful greenery of the park. We took a stroll along the garden path and then enjoyed a delicious lunch at Sizzler.

Later on the in the month, our residents enjoyed our visit to the nearby Cottage Grove ponds. We hung out by the water and even did some fishing! For one of our residents, Neil, the ponds brought back fond memories of fishing with friends and family over the years. Getting out in the sun always puts a smile on our residents’ faces and puts them in a cheery mood.

Health & Wellness Fair

To wrap up the month, Middlefield Oaks is having its first annual Health & Wellness Fair! We are very excited to host this event that will bring important issues of health and wellness to our residents, families, and larger community. Care Medical, Signature Home Health and Hospice, The Alzheimer’s Association, Grant’s Hearing, Cottage Grove Hospital’s auxiliary team, The Elks, and a bloodmobile will all be present at the event. The guest speaker is an RN named Gayle Mosman, who will be speaking on nutritional foods and diet. Get in contact with us now to sign up early!

This is just a glimpse of the activities we enjoy here at Middlefield Oaks. There is always something new happening and our residents love getting in on the fun!

To learn more about what it’s like to live at Middlefield Oaks, head over to our Activities page.